From 3D model to finished object

Send us your 3D model or a sketch or drawing of your desired object. We can process the following formats: Solidworks, STL, OGES, STP and many more. As a binder we use Sorel cement (magnesium stone + magnesium salt). As aggregate we use recycled expanded glass.

You can choose between 3 standard coatings:

  • Haptic and colour: concrete-like, water-repellent
  • Haptics: smooth | Colour: concrete-like, waterproof
  • Haptics and colour: concrete-like, waterproof

You receive a detailed cost statement of the individual items such as 3D modelling, printing and delivery.

We develop togehter your model, print the object and treat it with a coating of your choice if desired.

We pack your 3D object in a proper way. At your request we will assemble or install it at its final destination.

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